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2006-03-17 06:25:58 GMT


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My Name Is Earl s01e18 Dad's Car

It's Mother's Day again when Earl remembers that he has never given his mother a Mother's Day gift Just as he and Randy are about to finish carrying out his long overdue gift his mother decides her repayment should include Earl doing something for his father.


can u please leave it seeding for a little bit after u finish =D thanks
Thanks man. This is the greatest show ever made.
Great seeding!
Thanks! Finally a new episode :)
Mmmmm pyramidspel.
this file doesnt work here..
it's the right amount of MB, but the playing time is 2-3 mins.. at no picture, just a grey screen...?!??? Help?
isnt this file 2 little?
this file doesnt work

it's the right amount of MB, but the playing time is 2-3 mins.. at no picture just a grey Pls help ?
this doesnt work. :( most of the new epidsodes dont work like 16 and 17 for this series. whats up with that LOL thats the only reason i downloaded this is because it has your handle on it. it shows gray screen and no sound even when i play this with vlc player or any other player.
well the file is in perfect condition an plays fine here. (on vlc wich is my std player)
here are the file specs
Size: 174 MB (or 178,328 KB or 182,608,672 bytes)
Video: 1019 kb/s XviD 608x336 @ 23.97 fps
Audio: 128 kb/s Stereo mp3 (VBR LAME3.96r) @ 48000 Hz
The best codec for Xvid is ffdshow (get the latest non sse2 if your not sure wich one to get)

first make sure the file is downloaded completly.
the file having the correct size on your hd is no indication to this !!!
since allot of BT clients pre-allocte space for the file by filling the undownloaded parts with zerro's

to make sure it's complete restart your torrent and download to the same location.
Most clients indicate this via color change and/or txt (utorrent for example say's 100.0% and changes you status to seeding on the file, if its complete)
Still problems ?

if you haven't already try it in vlc. (get vlc for your os here

it that still doesn't work (this would be verry odd) you can try mplayer.
This is a console based from linux. Almost completely independent from windows.
-Unpack it to your harddrive
-Drag your Avi On Mplayer.exe
-Hit the 'f' key to goto fullscreen
(for more info check the included Readme.txt or Man_page.html)
I hope this helps, it's all i can do the avi file itself is fine.

messed up sound and video = bad/incomplete file.
or a file thats plays partialy in vlc or mplayer is also incomplete/corrupt
only messed up video = bad video codec (get ffdshow, vlc or mplayer)
Sorry for all the messages but this torrent comment system has e verry low character limit it seems
great speed
damn i love this series :D
Oh man... I'll never get a decent ratio on this one! I downloaded it in like 3 minutes and I'm uploading in 17k (with the cap set on 500k). I wish all seeds were as good a this one. Good job everyone!
Yo man, another quallity flick...Keep up the good work ....
yo i can watch these just fine with xbmc on my xbox